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It’s hard to imagine, but in 2024, we still do math on paper 🤯. Tools like Wolfram, Matlab, and Python are good for calculations, but if you're proving a theorem or seeking the equation of everything, you're left with paper. We can do something in LaTeX but it’s not designed for actual work.

Furthermore, there is no online collaboration tool for math. We can’t work together in real-time on a math problem like we used to in modern tools like Notion, Figma, or Google Docs.

Corca Research's goal is to replace paper and make the fastest and easiest collaborative tool for math. In which you can define your own rules and notations, manipulate equations using drag and drop or hot keys, and easily export it to LaTeX or Python. We're committed to open-sourcing the format, rules, notations, etc.

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We’re looking for people who are willing to make this happen: mathematicians, developers, designers, etc.

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